Born to be reviled

Screen Shot

The kickoff of Governor Rauner’s reelection campaign was unusual.

Not because his Harley was the focus of his new campaign video; that’s been done tons of times by politicians who want to claim “man (or woman) of the people” status.

It wasn’t because his video contains an attack on Speaker Michael Madigan.  Rauner began attacking Madigan as a candidate and  continued to do on an almost daily basis.

No, it was unusual because an incumbent seeking reelection usually campaigns on accomplishments. “You’re gonna get more of that good stuff I gave you the last time” is what you expect from someone seeking to be returned to office.

Unfortunately, that’s where Bruce Rauner comes up way short.

Governor Rauner’s key accomplishments so far include a budget stalemate that lasted more than two years, the passage, over his veto, of a much-needed tax increase and the signing of an education funding bill he initially opposed.

Phil Kadner sees the hypocrisy…

That evil Michael Madigan fellow, he actually rescued the state financially by signing off on an income tax increase. Rauner couldn’t stop that, but he’s willing to take credit for the financial windfall, while ripping Madigan.

Even before his re-election video aired, he was bragging in a TV commercial about increasing the state’s education funding to record levels. That wouldn’t have been possible without that income tax hike.

Rauner doesn’t expect people to make the connection.

He’s going to claim he helped the school kids of this state by signing off on a historic school funding reform bill and is Mr. Public Education.

Every politician in Illinois uses the school kids of this state like toilet paper, so Rauner isn’t unique. He’s just the latest in a long line of Democrats and Republicans who have misled voters.

“I choose to fight” is the new Rauner rallying cry.

Rauner also promised to “fight” the first time he ran. It hasn’t worked out because:

He’s not good at fighting,

He’s fighting for the wrong things,

He’s fighting for (and against) the wrong people.

Riding a Harley doesn’t make you a regular guy.

Dramatically removing your sunglasses doesn’t make you a fighter.

Betting $65 million that voters will develop mass amnesia is not a winning strategy.

I hope.

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