Large numbers of NFL players take a knee or otherwise show support for protest



UPDATE: Spines were on display at many NFL games today, as players reacted to President Trump’s call for NFL owners to get rid of “son of a bitch” players who chose to demonstrate during the anthem. Most teams playing in the 12 p.m. (CDT) games demonstrated in some way during the anthem (at the very least by locking arms), while dozens of players took a knee. See images from anthems around the league:

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Stand up for the Constitution – Kneel

Here’s a statement the current president would strongly agree with:

The Trump presidency is amazing!

It has amazed from Day 1 and has built on that almost daily hourly.

Among the shocking (a synonym for amazing) aspects of our 45th president’s reign is his use of the “bully pulpit” to publicly bully individual Americans who exercise their first amendment rights to free speech. It’s an unprecedented use of presidential power.

When Nixon railed against his enemies, it was usually after a few cocktails and in the presence of a couple of cronies. Even Nixon understood it was unseemly to publicly use the presidency to attack individual Americans.

This president has no interest in keeping his darkest thoughts to himself. He shared them with attendees at a political rally in Alabama last night.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners,  when somebody disrespects our flag,” Trump said, “to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. He’s fired. He’s fired!’ ” The crowd of supporters erupted in cheers. The president appeared to be referring to  former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who last year began kneeling during the national anthem to draw attention to unjustified killings of black men by law enforcement.

Imagine. With disasters killing and displacing American citizens, thousands of whom will be without electricity until next year, and tensions rising by the minute between the US and North Korea (which has nuclear weapons), the Leader of the Free World takes to time to seek cheap applause from all-white crowd in Alabama by raining hate on a black man who, whether one agrees with him or not, is using his free speech rights to highlight a social issue.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell, presumably after being informed he couldn’t ignore Trump’s remarks, issued a wishy-washy statement.

The player’s union’s response:

What does that mean? Let’s hope it means the union will encourage NFL players who, with a few exceptions, have avoided publicly associating themselves with Kaepernick, to stand with the mysteriously unemployed quarterback.

By “stand” I mean “kneel.”

The NFLPA needs to remember, no matter what the president says and no matter what the owners think, they can’t fire all the players. The stars of each team need to take a knee this weekend. Not because they embrace everything Kapernick is trying to communicate, but because they support his right, as an American citizen, to express his opinion and the reject the attempt by this president to quash a movement he doesn’t like.

If Trump is allowed to do what he did to Kaepernick yesterday, he’ll do it to someone else today.

Oh, wait. He just did.


Stand against this amazing abuse of power.

Stand up for the Constitution.

Take a knee.


McBarronBlog Bonus:

Are the NFL owners siding with Trump aware he already has destroyed one pro football league?


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