What, me worry?

A story about a picture:

Fifty years ago, a group of boys with last names beginning with the letters J, K, L and M, who were on their way to to their daily beatings at the hands of the Christian Brothers, gathered on the steps of St. George High School in Evanston, IL for a yearbook photo.

The freshmen were from working class families, mostly living on Chicago’s north side. They struck appropriately grim poses.

Their facial expressions reflected a simple truth they had learned from their parents:

St. George HS 1968

“Life’s a shit sandwich. Every day, you take another bite.”

This attitude would protect them from life’s disappointments. They would go on to become well-adjusted, reasonably happy adults.

Only one dope didn’t get the memo:

Version 2

Mr. Smiley Face, became known as a curmudgeon.

So unfair. Sad.

# # #

McBarronBlog Bonus:

A man of many high schools

  • 1967-68   St. George High School, Evanston
  • 1968        Sullivan High School, Chicago
  • 1969-70   Loyola Academy, Wilmette
  • 1970-72   Sullivan High School, Chicago


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